June 7-11, 2023
Adorable Baby

The Contest is Sunday, June 5 at 1:00 pm at the Decatur Building.
Registration Begins: 12:00 pm
To enter the contest the entry fee is $10 per child (+1 Adult Free).
The Adorable Baby Contest includes Baby Miss and Baby Mister Divisions.
Ages are broken down into 5 age categories.

They are:
Infant Miss: 0-5 months
Baby Miss: 6 – 11 months
Tiny Miss: 1 year old
Tiny Tot: 2 year old
Petite Miss: 3 year old

Download all three files (per child) and have the forms filled out and ready to register
each child on Sunday, June 5.

Good Luck & Have Fun!

Entry Fee: $10.00 per Child
Cash, or Money Order Made Payable to: Macon County Fair.

To Watch: $1 Admission Per Person, 4 and Under Free